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Den här bloggen drivs av Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna, en samling glada människor
som alla gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) går vi till en plats i Eskilstuna och tecknar/målar.
Vi brukar hinna att fika också. Vill du vara med? Skicka din mailadress till eller dyk upp med penna och papper.

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tisdagen den 22:e april 2014


Today, for the first time this year, USK-Eskilstuna sketched outside.
Wonderful and sunny!

Afterwards, we had fika at the city library!

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tisdagen den 15:e april 2014

Color and form!

Tuesday and almost spring. Almost. Far to early to get rid of the old USK-winter-underwear.

Perfect for outside sketching!

Färg och form-verkstaden (translates to: The color and form work shop) is a house close to our world famous Rademacher-area (i.e world famous here in Eskilstuna, Sweden).

A taste of the Rademacher-area by Henrik!

Here, the members are able to paint, write and print all sorts of different stuff.

See Henke's photos down below!

Sven's painting



Anna's sketch!

Minou's sketch! (of the pig hanging from the ceiling)

Minou's sketch nr 2 (the ceiling)

Mia's sketch!

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tisdagen den 8:e april 2014

Workshop in the workshop!

Tuesday, at last!

The weather is all swedish at the moment, therefore we stayed inside in our building and went to our workshop. This is where some of our students are constructing metal and/or

Anyway, this is a great place for us sketchers!

Sven's sketch!

Karl's sketch!

Björn's sketch
Comment: Many years ago I bought a record (LP, vinyl) by Judas Priest, the title was "The killing machine" maybe this is exactly what they were thinking of?

Julia's sketch!

Anna's sketch!

Mia's sketch!
(Mia is new member of the group!)

Åsa's sketch (from Milan, Italy)

Some action photos from Björn's Iphone! (Henrik, our photographer, is in Cambridge at the moment)

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